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Bryan w Cowboy Hat

I am an Associate Professor of Psychology (tenured) at the University of Scranton in northeast Pennsylvania. Trained in experimental psychology with a background in cognitive science, I conduct research on the mechanisms and processes underlying selective attention, implicit learning, and the connection between working memory and executive attention, and I have interests in the relationships between cognitive processes and political orientation, and between physiological markers and cognitive processes. I run the Human Attention Lab (HAL) at the University of Scranton.

I regularly teach courses and labs in Statistics, Research Methods, Cognitive Psychology, and Sensation and Perception, and I have interests in advanced courses in statistics, human attention, decision making, and cognitive neuroscience.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, reading, running, lifting things, listening to good music, cooking, drum corps, and playing his trumpet and occasionally playing the guitar.

Bryan Lighthouse





I live in Dunmore, PA with my two cats: Astrid (head stuck in glass) and Bart (cute button nose).

Bart 1

Astrid with head in Glass