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Bryan R. Burnham, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Psychology (tenured) at the University of Scranton in northeast Pennsylvania. Trained in experimental psychology with a background in cognitive science, he conducts research on the mechanisms and process underlying selective attention, implicit learning, and the connection between working memory and executive attention. Dr. Burnham also has interests in the relationships between cognitive processes and political orientation, and between physiological markers and cognitive processes. He runs the Human Attention Lab (HAL) at the University of Scranton.

Dr. Burnham regularly teaches courses and labs in Statistics, Research Methods, Cognitive Psychology, and Sensation and Perception, and has interests in advanced courses in statistics, human attention, decision making, and cognitive neuroscience.

In his spare time, Dr. Burnham enjoys hiking, reading, running, lifting things, listening to good music, cooking, and playing his trumpet and occasionally playing the guitar.

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He lives in Dunmore, PA with his two cats: Astrid (head stuck in glass) and Bart (cute button nose).

Bart 1

Astrid with head in Glass


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